Saturday, December 8, 2007


Welcome to the public files of the NANCY Detective Agency.

Be stirred and speculative, startled, and satisfied.

For the first exhibit, let's look back to an early case all the way from two thousand and six.

Notes: Ariel on left, Charlotte Gainsbourg on right.

Contest from the archives:

Match the NPR host to their photo

Melissa Block, Nina Totenberg, Cokie Roberts, Steve Inskeep,
Renee Montagne, Carl Kasell,

Jean Cochran, Ted Koppel,
Linda Wertheimer, Michele Norris, Robert Siegel, John Feinstein, Lakshmi Singh, Snigdha Prakash, Corey Flintoff, Fiona Ritchie, Daniel Schorr, Frank Deford,

Peter Sagal, Carol Van Dam,
Ann Taylor,
Brian Naylor,
Peter Kenyon, Linda Gradstein, Walter Cronkite